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Expedia Interview Experience | Set 9 (For 1.8 Years Experienced)

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1) Technical round

  • Explain me any one project / challenges / team size
  • How did you solve the problem of concurrency in your project.
  • Which design patterns did you used ?
  • Design LRU cache
  • Ways to synchronized in memory cache with each other
  • Write custom putIfAbsent by extending HashMap. Also handle concurrency/correctness

2) Technical round

  • Best data structure for faster searching of string – Trie
  • Optimize the size of trie by giving some other DS – Ternary search tree
  • Trie vs Ternary search tree complexities
  • Range queries – Segment tree
  • Check if Tree is foldable or not
  • Have you ever worked on any search engines ?

3) Technical round

  • Discussion about project
  • Use of serialversion UID
  • Write hashmap implementation
  • Given a array of numbers. Identify maximum difference between 2 numbers such that arr[x]<arr[y] and y>x
  • Suggest design where multiple threads can access common piece of code
  • Print binary tree in vertical order

4) Hiring manager round (Video call | BlueJeans)

  • Detail discussion about one of the project
  • Your role in project
  • Last code review suggestions
  • Interaction with product manager directly for whole project ?
  • Two phase locking in sql
  • ActiveMQ rollback strategy
  • Identify slow queries and how to optimize them
  • Conflicts in code reviews

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Last Updated : 10 May, 2017
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