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DVD-RW Full Form

Last Updated : 28 May, 2020
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DVD-RW stands for Digital Versatile Disc-Re-Writable, pronounced as DVD-dash RW. A DVD-RW is the same as DVD-R but the only difference is that it can be erased and written again and again like a Pendrive. The data are stored in digital form. It is a part of optical storage devices. It can store any kind of digital data such as video, audio, images, multimedia programs, or any other software, there is no restriction in file format. Also to install OS in PCs DVD are used on a large scale.


Here RW denotes that the DVD can be recorded and erased many times, called as Re-Writable. DVD-RW s are made with same dimension as DVD-R or CDs, that is 120 mm in diameter and 1.3 mm in thickness and made by comprising two poly-carbonate substrates of 0.6 mm thickness each. Data are read and written to this disk by a laser nearly about 1000 times.


In the year 1995, at first Philips and Sony were preferred a format as Digital Video Disc (DVD) as a storage device. Then in August 1995 a group was formed named Ad-Hoc by five computer companies such as IBM, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Compaq, and Microsoft, they state that the companies are accepted only single layer disks. Then, president of IBM Mr. Lou Gerstner gave a proposal to adopt SD (Secure Digital.) 9 technology instead of SD 10. Which specified that both layers of the dual-layered disc can be read from the same side. So that new technology has created as same as a two-sided disc, which can be read from one side, This is how DVD is invented. Officially it released in 1996 in Japan, then in 1997 in the US, in 1998 Europe, and in 1999 Australia. The two types of DVD disk are developed, see below:

  • DVD-R or DVD+R
  • DVD-RW or DVD+RW

In 1999 first DVD-RW was introduced in Japan with version 1.0, it has 4.7 GB of storage. Then in the year 2000 version 1.1 released and this version was then broadly compatible.


  • DVD-RWs can hold only 4.7 GB of data.
  • DVD-RW disc are influenced by the LPP (land pre-pit) design.
  • DVD-RW disc structure by optical simulation and experiments.
  • DVD-RW is not come in double-layered or double-sided versions like DVD-Rs.
  • It can perform read and write many times.
  • The information on discs is represented by pits.


  • Main advantage is that, it can be erased and recorded many times, like a pendrive.
  • Cost is lower than higher storage capacity DVD-R disks.
  • The quality of sound and picture stored in it is excellent.So there is no data lose.
  • DVD-RW can supported by all the DVD drivers.
  • The read-write speed is very good nearly about 11 MB/s.


  • Storage capacity is not as good as DVD-R, it only comes with 4.7 GB of storage.
  • Reliability and durability is not as good as HDD, because if any scratches happen on the disk then the data are not accessible.
  • The cost of DVD-RW more if we compare it with HDD, that is per byte of storage is costlier than hard disks or magnetic tapes or flash memory.
  • It doesn’t fully support HDTV quality while playing through DVD player.

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