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Druva interview experience | Staff Software engineer -Development

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Recently I got interviewed with Druva Pune. I’m having 2 years of software engineering experience with a FinTech.  

Round 1 :

Recruiter contacted me on LinkedIn and shared a Test link on Mettl. 

Format of the exam : (Total time : 75 minutes)

Section A- 3 programming questions . Allowed Language (JAVA,Python,C++) , all the questions were of easy-medium level.

Section B- 3 sections containing 5 MCQs in each . These sections included questions on C++, Networking & OS and Algorithms and Data Structures respectively.

Round 2 : (1 Hour)

This was taken by a Senior Software Engineer . 


       I explained the approach and coded on a google  Doc shared between me and interviewer.


      I explained the process .Interviewer got satisfied with the approach but time ran out while coding. 

Round 3 : (1 Hour)

This round was taken by Principal Engineer.

1. Questions on Denial of Service (DOS) attack and how to prevent it. Questions on sticky sessions. 

2. Design a rate limiter which only allows n requests from a particular user.  Several approaches were discussed based on IP and user identifier.

3. Design a system which only allows n number of requests to each backend server (in a time frame of K units) and distributes the request . I provided a linkedlist implementation of Queue. With this approach the total number of requests currently processed by a server in last k unit of time can be found out in O(1). (Similar to continuous sum approach in an array)

4. Questions on Sharding and Consistent Hashing- in case of dynamic addition of new servers.


    O(n) approach for the above was expected .For coding a google Doc was shared.

Round 4 : (1 Hour) 

This round was taken by Director of Engineering. (Hiring Manager)

1. Describe a challenging project you have done in your current organisation. 

2. Problem statement: An Api is given which is paginated. (Response will not come at once instead you have to call the api with different page      numbers in query parameter). You have got K number of threads available write a code which calls this api and returns the whole response. The code should use atmost k threads and the use of these threads should be optimum.

  Several race conditions were discussed in this and finally with the help of interviewer I was able to code it. 



Discussion on interests and reason for change.

Round 5: (1/2 hour)

This was more of cultural fit round taken by Director of Product. Discussion on any one project , what are the challenges faced . Discussion from CV. Expectation from Druva etc. 

The interview process took around a total of 2 weeks.  Final verdict selected 🙂 

I would like to thank GeeksForGeeks for providing various interview experiences and questions for preparation .

Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2020
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