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Directi Interview | Set 10 (On-Campus)

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 DirectI came to my college for DevOps profile. The day started with PPT( pre-placement talk) and i was impressed with the work they are doing. So, I decided to give a shot.
The whole process consists of : MCQ round, Coding round and 3 face to face interviews.
  1. MCQ:
In this round they gave 20 MCQs. We have to solve them in 30 min. The questions are solvable but few of them are difficult. The questions are from OS, CN, Algorithms and Data Structure, and general aptitude. One can solve them in 30 min but the catch is that each wrong answer carry negative marks(1/5 th).
2.Coding Round
In this round they gave one coding problem which contain three sub parts and one bonus part.We have solve this problem in 2 hours.This question is based on client – server model. You can use any language of your choice they will provide you the required documentation. DirectI people are so helpful and gave lot of support while solving the problem.
Problem :
a) Write a client server programs that use tcp connection to communicate and transfer a text file from client to the server.
b) Client will send the file name and directory. The server has to create file name in that particular directory and save the data in the file.
c) The user at the client end dynamically update the file like deleting the whole content of the file or appending more data at the end of the file. The client can able to adopt accordingly to send the data.
Example: Suppose in.txt contains 3 lines of data and the client has already sent first 2 lines, if  a user opens the file suddenly and delete the whole data, then client should stop sending data. Instead of deleting the data if the user append 4 more lines then the client should sent the remaining 5 lines.
d)Bonus: If  the user suddenly press ctr+C then the client should print the total number of bytes that it has sent to the server, before it get terminated.
3.Face To Face:
This is pure technical round. It lasted for almost 40 min. In this round they asked more questions on OS, CN and few on linux. They are looking for practical answers rather than text book based answers. It will be more effective if you can answer them based on your experience. Interviewer asked me to select any one of them and i chose OS so he started with OS.
  1. What is the difference between process and thread. Why we need threads?
  2. What is deadlock and give one example?
  3. What is semaphore and mutex?
  4. Can you list all cpu scheduling algorithms that you know? What  is your favorite algorithm and why? can you come up with new algorithm and explain how it works?
  5. What is DNS and why we need it? Can you explain whole DNS message exchange process to convert url to IP address.
  6. What is TCP and can you explain three way handshaking? what is man in middle attack and how it can happen in this handshaking process.
  7. Since we have MAC, why we need IP address?
  8. What is UDP, can you name few applications where UDP is used and why not TCP?
  9. What is the method to find the MAC address of PC in the same LAN(I told them using ARP Table we can find the MAC)
  10. what is the use of Ifconfig
4.Face To Face:
This round is purely based on resume. They asked me about my projects that i mentioned in the resume and the challenges that i faced during that time.This round lasted almost 30min.
  1. Can you draw the tcp/ip protocal stack and explain the functionality of each layer.
  2. I did a project on randomized algorithm to mine frequent item-sets. So they asked me how my approach improve mining task.
  3. I had one year work ex so they asked me about my role and the challenges that i faced in that period.
4.Face To Face:
This round is more focused on distributed systems and infrastructure. They asked me about infra planning and load balancing. Few more questions on my resume. There was no HR round so they asked hr related questions in this round. are you really interested in DevOps profile. My resume contained algorithms related stuff so it might be reason for this question.
The whole process went very smoothly and the directI people were really helpful and encouraging.
Thanks GeeksforGeeks Team and continue your amazing journey.

Last Updated : 14 Jul, 2016
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