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Differences between Computer Architecture and Computer Organization

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021

Computer Architecture: 
Computer Architecture is a functional description of requirements and design implementation for the various parts of computer.It deals with functional behavior of computer system. It comes before the computer organization while designing a computer. 


Architecture describes what the computer does.



Computer Organization: 
Computer Organization comes after the decide of Computer Architecture first. Computer Organization is how operational attribute are linked together and contribute to realize the architectural specification. Computer Organization deals with structural relationship. 


Organization describes how it does it.


Now, let’s see the difference between Computer Architecture and Computer Organization: 


S.NOComputer ArchitectureComputer Organization
1.Architecture describes what the computer does.Organization describes how it does it.
2.Computer Architecture deals with functional behavior of computer system.Computer Organization deals with structural relationship.
3.In above figure, its clear that it deals with high-level design issue.In above figure, its also clear that it deals with low-level design issue.
4.Architecture indicates its hardware.Where, Organization indicates its performance.
5.For designing a computer, its architecture is fixed first.For designing a computer, organization is decided after its architecture.
6.Computer Architecture is also called as instruction set architecture.Computer Organization is frequently called as micro architecture.
7.Computer Architecture comprises logical functions such as instruction sets, registers, data types and addressing modes.Computer Organization consists of physical units like circuit designs, peripherals and adders.
8.Architecture coordinates between the hardware and software of the system.Computer Organization handles the segments of the network in a system.


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