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Difference between Information Architecture and Data Architecture

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1. Information Architecture :
Information Architecture, as name suggests, is basically structure of all information in your app or website. App and website that has good IA is structurally sound. Effective information architecture has some characteristics such as effective communication, clear navigation, efficient user experience, etc.

2. Data Architecture :
Data Architecture, as name suggests, is a process of translating or converting business requirements from different business units into data and system requirements. Effective data architecture has some characteristics such as user-driven, automated, build on shared data, highly secure, simple and easy, etc.

Difference between Information Architecture and Data Architecture :

Information Architecture  

Data Architecture  

It refers to practice of deciding how to arrange parts of something so that it can be understood easily i.e., structuring information to meet user requirements.  It refers to structure of logical and physical data assets and data management resources of business or organization.  
Its main purpose is to organize content in effective way so that users can easily adjust and understand functionality of product and find everything they want.   Its main purpose is to translate needs of business or organization into data and system requirements as well as to manage data and its flow through enterprise.  
It focuses on organizing, structuring, and labeling content in more effective and sustainable way. It focuses on standardizing data collection and usage across enterprise, allowing users to have access to quality and relevant data quickly.  
It interprets individual data points into understandable, meaningful and useful information.   It defines collection, storage, and movement of data across organization.  
It receives data from data architecture and convert it into real insights.   It takes raw data, make it digestible for information architecture and then send it to information architecture.  
Responsibilities of information architect includes identifying user requirements, work on structural design of infrastructure, creating and maintaining web-based sites and applications, etc.  Responsibilities of data architect includes developing solutions to store and retrieve information, analyzing structural requirements for new software and applications, maintain secure databases, etc.  
It creates clear paths for website visitors, make it easy to navigate website, increases user experience, etc.   It helps in gaining better understanding of data, provide guidelines for managing data, make data governance a priority, etc. 
It is considered with how structured data elements, unstructured content meaning, how user intent combines to form user experience.  It is concerned with structured data and technical aspects of applications and database design. 


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Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2022
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