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Difference between Website Navigation and Information Architecture

Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2021
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Website Navigation: Website Navigation, as the name suggests, is a way to make it easy for visitors to find information that they want on the website and facilitate movement from one page to another without any difficulty and frustration.  

Information Architecture: Information Architecture, as the name suggests, is a way to structuring, designing content as well as the layout of pages that visitors use to search for content they want. It is an integral part of the website and the product development process.    

Website Navigation vs Information Architecture  

Website Navigation  

Information Architecture  

It is a process of allowing visitors to flow from one page to another.   It is a process of creating the structure of the website.  
It increases the ways to make it easy for users to find a formation they want to visit and let them explore more within website.   It is a way to arrange and organize parts of website to make it clearer and understandable.  
Website navigation is not hidden i.e., can be seen on screen. Information architecture is hidden i.e., cannot be seen on screen.  
It mainly focuses on increasing user experience and making it easy for them to find page they are looking for.   It mainly focuses on organizing, structuring, and also labeling content or information of a website in a more effective and efficient manner.
It is important to have a positive user experience that in turn increases sales and brand loyalty for the business.   It is important to create a useful content structure and use navigation system from a complex set of information.  
Component of website navigation includes utility navigation, global navigation, filters, related links, footers, local navigation, etc.   Components of information include organization system, labeling system, navigation system, and searching system.  
It is used to navigate network of information resources in WWW that is being organized as hypermedia or hypertext.   It is used in redesigning website to provide good information in a more understandable manner and organizing it according to the relation among content pieces. 

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