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Common Website Navigation Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Website navigation is basically a process of navigating website and is an essential part of website design. Therefore, website navigation is very important when it comes to explore brand. It should be easy for users or visitors to navigate through website easily. Whenever users visit website, one need to make sure that visitor or user should be able to reach content and information of web page they are looking for in the easiest and most sufficient way. People use navigation to find information they are looking for across websites. Easy and simple navigation let users to navigate and explore website more easily and let them know more about products, services, etc. This in turn increase product value and brand towards audience.  

Mistakes to ensure better website navigation: Website navigation is a key factor to increase user experience. If website navigation is not easy and too complex or is not designed properly, then there are chances that you might lose your visitors or users. For making the website good, navigation should be easy. Poor navigation will only lead to reduce website users, a decrease in SEO rankings, etc. With poor website navigation, one cannot meet their objective or goal. Therefore, to make website navigation simple, clear, and intuitive, there are some common mistakes one needs to avoid while designing a website.  Some of the mistakes are given below:  

1. Putting navigation in a non-standard location: Putting the navigation bar in a standard site is very important to make a website easy to use and simple to navigate. The navigation menu is basically a set of links that is a very essential element of the website’s design that allows users to have quick access to any information within the website. Therefore, putting the website on a standard site is very important. If users won’t be able to find information where they thought it would be present, then they might not look it further.  

2. Wrong Order: Items at the beginning and ending are very important and effective because these are places where attention is highest in website navigation. Website navigation generally acts like a road map to help the user to visit anywhere within the website. Therefore, it is important to have the correct order of content or items. So, avoid putting important links in the middle of the menu list.  

3. Offer many options: Offering many options is a common mistake that people usually make. People give many options so that they can help users and make it more effective but rather than helping users, it infact makes it more confusing and difficult to navigate. Giving too many options makes it more difficult to select from choices available and take more time to make choice. So, one should avoid offering too many options and infact offer fewer but effective and best options to encourage users to make the best choices and increase user experience.  

5. Navigation Inconsistency across devices: Whether visiting websites from smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc., there should be consistency in navigation. Inconsistency in navigation makes it difficult for users to understand and difficult to navigate through the website. Therefore, one should avoid making such mistakes. It is important to have a website with consistent navigation across all devices. The primary control and navigation should remain the same no matter what device is used to view the website.  

5. Using generic labels: Labels are important to communicate with users what content is about and to explain the section of the website. Therefore, using generic labels that every business uses such as products and services does nothing to communicate with users or visitors. One should avoid using the same labels that other business websites are using. Try to make navigation specific.  

Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2022
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