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Difference between Weaviate and XAP

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1. Weaviate :
Weaviate is an open-source GraphQL-based Smart Graph with the core features like semantic search, automatic classification, and knowledge representation. The primary database model is Search Engine and secondary database model is Graph DBMS.

2. XAP :
XAP is a high performance in-memory data grid for mission critical applications. It provides an essential set of data store features, such as transactions, indexes, and query language (SQL-like queries). It is a file format used to install and distribute application software.

Difference between Weaviate and XAP :

1.It was developed by SeMI Technologies B.V. and initially released in 2017.It was developed by Gigaspaces Technologies and initially released in 2000.
2.It’s primary database model is Search Engine.It’s primary database models are Document store and Key-Value Store.
3.It’s secondary database model is Graph DBMS.It’s secondary database model is Object-Oriented DBMS.
4.Implementation language of Weaviate is Go.Implementation language of XAP are Java, .Net and C++.
5.Data scheme of Weaviate is maps to GraphQL interface.XAP is free of data scheme.
6SQL-GraphQL is used as query language.DML statements and SQL-like query language.
7Weaviate supports GraphQL query language and RESTful HTTP/JSON API.XAP supports GigaSpaces LRMI, Hibernate, JCache, JDBC, JPA, ODBC, RESTful HTTP API and Spring Data.
8Weaviate has Eventual Consistency concepts.XAP has Immediate Consistency concepts.
9Absence of Server-side scripts and Triggers.Presence of Server-side scripts and Triggers.
10It does not hold Transaction concepts.XAP has ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) Transaction concepts.

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Last Updated : 23 Jun, 2020
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