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Difference between XAP and WakandaDB

Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2020
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1. XAP :
XAP is High-performance in-memory data grid for mission-critical applications and provides an essential set of data store features, such as transactions, indexes, and query language (SQL-like queries). It is a file format used to install and distribute application software.

2. WakandaDB :
It is server-side javascript engine to access data and embedded in a server that provides a REST API. WakandaDB has primary database model is Object-oriented DBMS. It is a JavaScript platform to develop and run web or mobile apps and NoSQL engine is accessed via HTTP.

Difference between XAP and WakandaDB :

S.No. XAP WakandaDB
1 It is developed by Gigaspaces Technologies and initially released on 2000 and current release on June 2019. It is developed by Wakanda SAS and initially released on 2012 and current release on July 2017.
2 Its primary database model is Document store and Key-value store and its secondary database models isObject oriented DBMS. Its primary database model is Object oriented DBMS.
3 Its server operating systems of XAP Linux, macOS, Solaris, Windows. Its server operating systems of WakandaDB is Linux, OS X, Windows.
4 It supports GigaSpaces LRMI, Hibernate, JCache, JDBC, JPA, ODBC, RESTful HTTP API, Spring Data. It supports RESTful HTTP API.
5 XAP has ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability) concepts transaction concepts. Its transaction concept is ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability).
6 Replication methods of XAP- Master-master replication and Master-slave replication. There is absence of replication method.
7 Partitioning methods of XAP is Sharding. It doesn’t holds sharding partitioning methods.
8 It supports .Net, C++, Java programming languages. It supports JavaScript programming languages.
9 It has Immediate Consistency concept. It has Immediate Consistency.
10 Implementation language of XAP is Java, C++, .Net Implementation language of WakandaDB is C++, JavaScript.

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