Difference between Switch and Gateway

Prerequisite – Network Devices

1. Switch :
Switch is a multi-port bridge with a buffer and a design that can boost its efficiency and performance. It is a data link layer device. The switch can perform error checking before forwarding data which makes it very efficient as it does not forward packets that have errors and forward good packets selectively to correct port only. In other words, switch divides collision domain of hosts.

2. Gateway :
Gateway is a passage to connect two networks together that may work upon different networking models. It basically works as the messenger agents between systems that takes data from one system, interprets it and transmits it to the other system. It is also called protocol converter. It can operate at any network layer. It is more complex than the switch.

Difference between Switch and Gateway:

It works as multi-port bridge between networks. It works as a passage between two networks.
It works in data link layer. It works in all networks layers.
It performs error checking before forwarding packets. It does not perform error checking.
It does not work as protocol converter. While it works as protocol converter.
Packet filtering is provided in switch. Packet filtering is not provided in gateway.
It is less complex. It is more complex than switch.
It connects devices that work on same network model. It connects two networks working on different models.
The format of packet is not changed. Packet format is changed.

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