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Difference between Software Products and Software Services

Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2020
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1. Software Products :
Software Products, as name suggest, is simply a type of software systems i.e., outcome of software developing process and are delivered to customer along with documentation about how to install and use particular software system.

2. Software Services :
Software Services, as name suggests, is simply a type of software distribution model which is used to deliver applications over internet simply as a service and allows data to be accessed from any device using internet.

Difference between Software Products and Software Services :

Software Products Software Services
Software Products generally represent high end work that is done by vendors. Software Services generally represent low end work that is done by vendor.
Products includes activities that add higher value than activities of services. Services includes activities that add lower value than activities of products.
Software product companies usually develop products. Software service companies may or may not develop products.
Features of software products include efficiency, maintainability, adaptability, etc. Features of software services include application security, high availability, data security, etc.
Types of software product includes generic products, customized products, etc. There are no such type of software services.
List of software products include Outreach, Zoho Desk, Freshdesk, Intercom, etc. List of software services includes IT Security services, infrastructure support services, app maintenance services, etc.
Benefits of software product companies includes provide right product to market, control schedule and cost, focus on customer requirements, etc. Benefits of software service companies includes flexibility, reduce time to benefit, easy to use, requires lower cost, etc.
Number of labors required is not much high but should be talented and expert. Number of labors required is very high for increasing effort and its not necessary that they should be highly skilled.

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