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Difference between Software and Tool

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020
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1. Software :
Software, as name suggest, is simply a collection of data or set of instructions that are especially designed to perform well defined functions as well as direct operation of computer and instruct on how to use them.

2. Tool :
Tool, as name suggests, are software development tools that are set of computer programs used to create and maintain software or applications by developers and meet needs or goals of customer.

Difference between Software and Tool :

Software’s are computer programs or set of instructions.Tool is a piece of software used to create or develop software or hardware.
It is used to transform input into output of useful information.It is used to perform low-level operations.
Features of software includes usability, maintainability, functionality, portability, etc.Features of software tool includes program analyzers, simulators, flow analyzer, etc.
Benefits of software includes increased productivity, simple to use, information sharing and collaboration, no wear out, etc.Benefits of tools includes increase productivity, web development, make development simpler and easier, etc.
Examples of software includes Chrome, Firefox, MS Excel, Slack, MS Office, etc.Examples of software tools include GitLab, Jira, Jenkins, Git, GitHub, Stack overflow, etc.
Type of software’s include business software, system software, real-time software, web-based software, etc.Type of software tools includes language processing tools, testing tools, program analysis tools, documentation tools, etc.
Its main purpose is to enable user to interact with computer, its hardware and perform tasks.Its main purpose is to create, debug, maintain, support programs and applications.
Factors that are needed to be considered while selecting software includes current bugs, bug fixing, program updates, software use, functionality, efficiency, scalability, etc.Factors that are needed to be considered while selecting software tools includes company criteria, usefulness of tool, integration of one tool with another, etc.

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