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Difference Between SMO and SEO

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Social Media Optimization: SMO is a technique that is used for promoting your business using social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Tumblr for increasing their brand awareness Organically. It is mostly used for local businesses to promote them and provide the maximum reachability of your user. It also refers to optimizing a website and its content to encourage more users to use and share a link to the website, social media, and networking sites so it can increase website visibility and online presence. 

To Know More about SEO refer:-

Search engine Optimization: SEO is a technique used for optimizing your website for increasing the organic traffic from search engine to your site and increases the ranking of a website or webpage in search result by the search engine for using relevant keywords in it. SEO is the way to increase your visibility online by saving time and cost of marketing. According to the research, there are approx. 100 billion searches each month. It also refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes direct traffic and the purchase of paid placement. 

Below is a table of differences between Social Media Optimization(SMO) and Search engine Optimization(SEO) : 

S. No.Social Media Optimization(SMO)Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
1. In SMO coding and tag are not so important it requires visual attention to make a huge impact.In SEO we can use header, title tag, image title, bold text, keyword for higher ranking in search engine.
2.Title and headlines are more important in SMO for grabbing attention and getting users’ clicks.Title tag in SEO tells the search engine what a page is about.
3.In SMO the quality of content is important for readers attention.In SEO the quality of content is important to rank well.
4.SMO is an off-site optimization technique.SEO is both an off-site and on-site optimization technique.
5.You can do SMO using.. 1. Micro blogging. 2. Social networking. 3. Video promotion. 4. RSS promotion.You can do SEO using.. 1. Find relevant keywords. 2. Create and optimize the page. 3. Make an accessible website. 4. Build relevant links.
6.SMO is all about content.SEO is all about site structure.
7.Repetition of the messaging on different platforms results in a reward.Result in the penalization of the site.
8.The analysis is important to know which type of content draws interest.The analysis is important to know which changes have made an impact whether it is negative or positive.

For an engaging social media platform, the following techniques can be used-

  • Make Content That Can Be Shared
  • Make it simple to share content
  • Adding Value to Customers
  • Rewarding Devoted Fans

For a good ranking of a website, the following techniques can be used-

  • Keywords: preparation
  • Optimized Copy of Good Quality
  • Meta Title & Description
  • Creating Connections
  • Website that is easy to use
10.The analysis is made on the type of content that has the potential to attract attention.Any update made must be seen to analyze its impact on the site’s rating. 
11.The marketing strategy is made by keeping in mind the intended audience in SMO.The marketing for SEO is to target the search engine.
12.Marketing for targeted audiences.Marketing for search engines.
13.Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram use SMO.Google, Bing, and Yahoo use SEO.


Last Updated : 30 Nov, 2023
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