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Difference between SIMM and DIMM

  • Last Updated : 17 Jun, 2019

Single In-Line Memory Modules (SIMM) is that the little circuit boards having notches wherever the RAM chips are fixed. SIMM connectors and therefore the slot situated on the motherboard are created of metal(gold or tin). In SIMM, Pins present in either facet are connected. There are two type of SIMM presents, one with 30 pins and another one is with 72 pins.

Dual In-Line Memory Module (DIMM), additionally has metal connectors almost like SIMM, however either of the perimeters of the connective doesn’t admit the opposite. DIMM supports 64 bit channel for data transferring while SIMM supports only maximum of 32 bit channel. There are three type of DIMM presents which are used by modern motherboard, one with 168 pins and second one is with 184 pins and third one is 240 pins.

SIMM have just one usable aspect because of having only one set of the instrumentality whereas DIMM have completely different signal pins at either side that square measure usable and doesn’t believe the opposite side.

Let’s see that the difference b/w SIMM and DIMM:

1.In SIMM, Pins present in either facet are connected.DIMM pins are freelance.
2.SIMM supports 32 bit channel for data transferring.DIMM supports 64 bit channel for data transferring.
3.SIMM consumes 5 volts of power.DIMM consumes 3.3 volts of power.
4.SIMM provides the storage 4 MB to 64 MB.DIMM provides the storage 32 MB to 1 GB.
5.The classic or most common pin configuration of the SIMM module is 72 pins.The foremost common pin configuration of the DIMM module is 168 pins.
6.SIMMs are the older technology.DIMMs are the replacement of the SIMMs.
7.SIMMs are installed in pairs at a time.DIMMs are installed one at a time.
8.SIMMs are used by 486 CPU as well as early Pentium computers.DIMMs are used by modern Pentium computers.
9.The length and width of SIMM are respectively 4.25 inches and 1 inch.The length and width of DIMM are respectively 1.67 to 5.25 inches and 1 to 1.75 inches.
10.There are single notches in SIMMs.There are two notches in DIMMs.

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