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Difference between Router and Hub

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Router is a networking device that works at the network layer i.e., a third layer of the ISO-OSI model. It establishes a simple connection between the networks in order to provide the data flow between the networks. Router transfers data in the form of packet is used in LAN as well as MAN. It works on network layer 3 and is used in LANs, MANs and WANs. It stores IP addresses and maintains addresses on its own.


Hub is a simple networking device that operates only on the physical layer i.e., first layer of the ISO-OSI model. Hub is used to transmit the signal in the form of electric signals and does not provide packet filtering. It is type of half-duplex transmission mode and is generally used in LAN only. It is also known as a repeater as it transmits signal to every port except the port from where signal is received. Also, hubs are not that intelligent in communication and processing information for 2nd and 3rd layer.

The difference between Router and Hub is as follows:

Router operates at the network layer of OSI model.Hub operates on the physical layer of OSI model.
Router provides the full duplex mode of transmission.Hub provides the half duplex mode of transmission.
Router transfers data in the form of packet.Hub transmits data in the form of electric signals or bits.
Router is very sophisticated device and widely used.Hub is simply primitive type of device and is not generally used.
Router is relatively expensive device.Hub is not an intelligent device hence it is comparatively much cheaper.
Router is used in LAN as well as MAN.While Hub is generally used in LAN only.
Routing are of two types : Adaptive and Non-adaptive routing.Hubs are of two types : Active and Passive Hub.
Router needs at least two networks to connect. At least single network is required to connect.
maximum speed for wireless is 1-10 Mbps and maximum speed for wired connections is 100 Mbps.Speed of original hub 10Mbps and modern internet hub is 100Mbps.
Router is a very expensive device.Hub is cheaper as compared to Router.

Last Updated : 03 Jan, 2023
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