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Difference between OSS and BSS

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1. Operation Support System (OSS) : Operation Support System (OSS), as name suggests, is a software tool that is generally used to organizations to manage their operation system or communication networks. 2. Business Support System (BSS) : Business Support System (BSS), as name suggest, is a software tool that is generally used by organization to manage all business activities such as processing, financial issues, etc.
Difference between OSS and BSS :
OSS mainly focuses on network management. BSS mainly focuses on all activities within organization.
OSS support and automate all network functions. BSS support and automate other management functions such product management, customer management, revenue management, order management.
It manages operations like network planning, maintain all network inventories such as computers, routers, servers that are usually connected to network. It manages operations like taking orders, payment issues, processing bills, etc.
It includes information such as information regarding networks that are available, about its performance, allows members to manage networks, etc. It includes information such as information regarding customer relationship, payment orders, new sign-ups, etc.
It usually helps telecommunication service provider to simply control, manage, and analyze all network connections. It includes components that are basically used by telecommunication service provider for better running of business.
OSS does not focus on customer requirement. BSS also focuses on customer requirements.
OSS is mainly handled by backend staff i.e. employees or developers or engineers, etc. BSS is mainly handled by frontend staff i.e. professionals.
OSS is also used for CORE infrastructure (components that are used in providing services to customers) implementation, operation, etc. BSS is generally used to support CORE infrastructure.

Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2020
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