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Difference between BSS and ESS

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  • Last Updated : 10 Nov, 2020
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1. Basic Service Set (BSS) :
Basic Service Set (BSS), as name suggests, is a group or set of all stations that communicate with each together. Here, stations are considered as computers or components connected to wired network.

2. Extended Service Set (ESS) :
Extended Service Set (ESS), as name suggests, is a group of BSSs or one or more interconnected BSS along with their wired network.

Difference between BSS and ESS :

It is a wireless LAN being established using AP that centralizes access and control i.e. enables and allow access and control over all wireless devices.It is mainly established by connecting more than one BSS.
It contains only one or single AP (Access Point). Here AP is a device that is usually connected to a wired router, hub, or switch and allows it to function as a path for connecting to wireless device and thus creating Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).It contains more than one AP.
BSS does not support mobility because it contains only one AP and therefore user cannot move freely from one place to another.ESS supports mobility i.e. client or user can move from one place or location to another and can still be connected to LAN without any interruption.
It provides short-range wireless communication.It provides long range wireless communication.
BSS has a smaller number of user than ESS.ESS has a greater number of user than BSS.
It is highly secure because of small range.It is less secure than BSS because of wide range.
In BSS, wireless devices are connected through AP.In ESS, BSS are connected through distribution system. Here, distribution system connects more than one Aps to form ESS and thus provides wireless stations.
BSS is easy process but rarely used.ESS is more complex than BSS but is highly used.

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