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Difference between Information System and Information Technology

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 21 Jan, 2021
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1. Information System : 
Information System, as name suggests, is study and use of system to process data from input to generate information that is essential and useful for managing operations. It helps in analyzing independent processes and enables organized work activities. It is considered key factor to provide correct knowledge for decision-making within an organization. 

2. Information Technology :
Information Technology, as name suggests, is basically study and use of system to establish faster communication, maintain electronic storage and provide protection to business’s records or company records. It simply refers to anything related to computing technology like software, hardware, networking, etc.

Difference between Information System and Information Technology :

Information System 

Information Technology 

It is a software used to organize and analyze data.It is a sub system of Information system.
Its main purpose is to turn raw data into useful information that in turn will provide useful information for making decision within organization or business.Its main purpose is to help people perform their work properly and effectively and achieve their objective within organization or business.
It mainly focuses on providing support to operations, management, and decision-making.It mainly focuses on improving productivity and efficiency using technology.
It is generally composed of four components i.e., task, people, structure, and technology.It is generally composed of three components i.e., hardware, software. Networks and data.
It works as a bridge between technology and people.It helps people to utilize and make sense of that system.
It simply incorporates technology, people and processes involved with information.It designs, implement, maintain and support information or data within information system.
It includes how people and processes can support or hinder performance of their organization, managing computer networks and applications within modern business environments.It includes rolling out new software updates, troubleshooting problems of user’s technology, replacing outdated hardware, etc., to meet operational demands.
It helps in storing operational data, communication records, documents, and revision histories.It helps in implementing communication, build and grow commerce and business sector, improve reputation of business, etc.


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