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Difference between OT and IT networks

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1. Operational Technology (OT) Network : OT or Operational technology is a category of a computing system which process operational data such as telecommunication, technical components, computers and it is used to monitor devices, various industrial process and some of the industry events and accordingly make adjustments if required in an industry or enterprise. In other words, OT uses the combination of software and hardware which can be used to perform real-time operations to detect if there is any change occurred during the whole process which can be done by directly controlling the industrial equipment and some of the enterprise’s events which make them reliable and increase their rate of availability and reliability. OT systems ensure the safety of industrial operations by continually monitoring them and also helps to support infrastructure such as manufacturing, defense utilities, etc. OT network works at the industrial level to process the operational data of any organization. 2. Information Technology (IT) Network : IT or Information Technology deals with the systems mainly computers and telecommunication for performing various operations like for giving input, for storing, recovering, transmitting, manipulating and protecting data or information so that data can be exchanged among different organizations. IT Network encompasses hardware (computers, physical servers, and network equipment), software (operating systems, applications), and peripheral equipment. Instead of performing a static set of functions, IT can be adjusted and re-programmed in so many different ways to fulfill the evolving and changing applications, business requirements and user needs. IT network in any industry is used to manage the computer systems and companies data in a more secure way.
Difference between OT Network and IT Network :
S.No. OT Network IT Network
1. OT network is industrial-oriented, which mainly interacts with machines. IT network is business-oriented, which mainly deals with information rather machines.
2. Different types of data in OT networks include : monitoring, control and supervisory data. Different types of data in IT networks include : Transactional, voice, video and bulky data.
3. OT network is connected with the outside world whose access is not limited. IT network is limited to people which have certain privileges.
4. OT network works on real-time processing of data. IT network works on transactional processing of data.
5. OT network may have risk regarding the information. IT network may have automation risk.
6. OT network failure can result in end-of life. IT network failure can result in loss of data.
7. OT has less changing environment as the requirements are not frequently changing. IT has frequently changing environment.
8. OT network requires network upgrades only during operational maintenance windows. IT network often requires network upgrades.
9. If there is any disturbance in OT network, it will directly impact the overall business. IT network failure can be business impacting, and it depends on industry.
10. OT network controls physical access to any device. IT network ensures security by authenticating the devices and users to the network.

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Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2020
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