Difference between Impala and hBASE

1. Impala :
Impala is a query engine that runs on Hadoop. It provides high-performance, low-latency SQL queries on data stored in Hadoop. It is an open-source software. It supports in-memory data processing. It is pioneering the use of the Parquet file format, a columnar storage layout that is optimized for large-scale queries typical in data warehouse scenarios.

2. HBase :
This model is used to provide random access to a large amounts of structured data. It build on the top of the hadoop file system and column-oriented in nature. It used to store the data in HDFS. It is open-source database that provides data replication.

Difference between Impala and hBASE :

S.NO. Impala HBase
1. It was developed by Cloudera. Developed by Apache software foundation.
2. Impala was released in 2013 HBase was released in 2008

Impala is implemented using c++

programming language

HBase is implemented using  JAVA

programming language

4. Linux is the only server operating system using Impala.

Linux, Unix and Windows are server operating system using HBase.
5. It supports SQL such as DML and DDL statements. It does not support SQL(standard query language).
6. Triggers are not used in Impala Triggers are used in HBase
7. JDBC and ODBC are the APIs and access methods used in Impala. Java API, RESTful HTTP API, Thrift are the APIs and access methods used in Impala.
8. Replication methods used in Impala are selectable replication factor. Replication methods used in HBase are Master-master replication, Master-slave replication.

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