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Difference between iCloud and Backblaze B2

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1. iCloud : 
iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service provided by Apple Incorporation. It allows users to store data such as documents, photos and music on remote servers for download to iOS, macOS or Windows devices. It also enables to share and send data to other users. It is also helpful to manage the Apple devices if it is lost or stolen. It was launched in 2011. 

2. Backblaze B2 : 
Backblaze B2 is a cloud storage service which is provided by Backblaze Incorporation. It is quite similar to the Amazon S3 and other cloud storage services. It is an object storage service. It was launched by Backblaze Incorporation in 2015. It offers 10 GB free storage space. It also provides unlimited storage space for premium accounts. It is also known as B2 cloud storage. 

Difference between iCloud and Backblaze B2 :

It is owned by Apple Incorporation.It is owned by Backblaze Incorporation.
It was launched in 2011.It was launched in 2015.
It offers 5 GB free storage space.It offers 10 GB free storage space, unlimited free uploads, and 1 GB of free downloads each day.
It provides limited storage space for paid.It provides unlimited storage space for paid.
It is mostly used by Apple product users.It is used by users using any type of product.
It has the maximum storage size of 2 TB.Maximum storage size is unlimited here.
Files are encrypted at servers.Files are not locally encrypted.
It partially supports file versioning.It fully supports file versioning.
It charges comparatively more for additional storage that means it is more costly.It charges less for additional storage that means it is less costly.
Maximum file size in iCloud is 50 GB.Here maximum file size is 5GB.

Last Updated : 22 Dec, 2022
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