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Difference between http:// and https://

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In the address bar of a browser, have you noticed either http:// or https:// at the time of browsing a website? If neither of these is present then most likely, it’s http://. Let’s see the difference between them.


HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is invented by Tim Berner. HyperText is the type of text which is specially coded with the help of some standard coding language called HyperText Markup Language (HTML). HTTP provides a standard between a web browser and a web server to establish communication. It is a set of rules for transferring data from one computer to another. Data such as text, images, and other multimedia files are shared on the World Wide Web. Whenever a web user opens their web browser, the user indirectly uses HTTP. It is an application protocol that is used for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems. 



Characteristics of HTTP

  • HTTP is IP based communication protocol that is used to deliver data from server to client or vice-versa.
  • Any type of content can be exchanged as long as the server and client are compatible with it. 
  • It is a request and response protocol based on client and server requirements. 


HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTP Secure (HTTPS), could be a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the SSL/TLS convention to supply encrypted communication and secure distinguishing proof of an arranged web server. HTTPS is more secure than HTTP because HTTPS is certified by the SSL(Secure Socket Layer). Whatever website you are visiting on the internet, if its URL is HTTP, then that website is not secure.



Characteristics of HTTPS

  • HTTPS encrypts all message substance, including the HTTP headers and the request/response data. The verification perspective of HTTPS requires a trusted third party to sign server-side digital certificates.
  • HTTPS is presently utilized more frequently by web clients than the first non-secure HTTP, fundamentally to ensure page genuineness on all sorts of websites, secure accounts and to keep client communications.

In short, both of these are protocols using which the information of a particular website is exchanged between the Web Server and Web Browser. But there are some differences between these two. A concise difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that HTTPS is much more secure compared to HTTP.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a protocol using which hypertext is transferred over the Web. Due to its simplicity, HTTP has been the most widely used protocol for data transfer over the Web but the data (i.e. hypertext) exchanged using HTTP isn’t as secure as we would like it to be. Cryptographic protocols such as SSL and/or TLS turn HTTP into HTTPS i.e. HTTPS = HTTP + Cryptographic Protocols



HTTP                                                            HTTPS
HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. In HTTP, the URL begins with “http://”. HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. In HTTPS, the URL starts with “https://”.
HTTP uses port number 80 for communication.HTTPS uses port number 443 for communication.
Hyper-text exchanged using HTTP goes as plain text i.e. anyone between the browser and server can read it relatively easily if one intercepts this exchange of data and due to which it is Insecure.HTTPS is considered to be secure but at the cost of processing time because Web Server and Web Browser need to exchange encryption keys using Certificates before actual data can be transferred.
HTTP Works at the Application Layer.HTTPS works at Transport Layer.
HTTP does not use encryption, which results in low security in comparison to HTTPS.HTTPS uses Encryption which results in better security than HTTP.
HTTP speed is faster than HTTPS.HTTPS speed is slower than HTTP.
HTTP does not use data hashtags to secure data.HTTPS will have the data before sending it and returning it to its original state on the receiver side.
HTTP is used to transfer text, video, and images via web pages.HTTPS is used to transfer data securely via a network.


1. Which is better: HTTP or HTTPS?

HTTPS is better than HTTP because HTTPS provides security. HTTP can also be hacked where as HTTPS cannot be hacked. HTTP does not help in search ranking whereas HTTPS helps in search ranking.

2. Whose performance is better: HTTP or HTTPS?

The speed of HTTP is faster than the speed of HTTPS. Due to the presence of SSL Protocol in HTTPS, the webpages become slower than HTTP.

Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2023
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