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Difference between Hardware and Cloud

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  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020
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1. Hardware :
Hardware’s storage, as name suggest, are storage devices that are used to saving or porting or accessing data and information and allows user to directly interact with computer.

2. Cloud :
Cloud storage, as name suggests, is off-site storage in which digital data or information is stored on internet through cloud computing provider and store files, documents, digital assets.

Difference between Hardware and Cloud :

Hardware are storage devices used to store, port or extract data.Cloud storage are cloud computing model that store online data.
It is used to save, carry and pull data or objects.It is used to save data and files in off site location that one have access through internet.
Features of hardware storage includes accessibility, speed, durability, portability, etc.Features of cloud storage includes file versioning, file encryption, reliable tech support, automatic sync, collaboration tools, etc.
Benefits of hardware includes secure, control over storage and access, reduce costs, increase efficiency and performance, etc.Benefits of cloud storage includes saves costs, data redundancy and replication, regulatory compliance, malware protection.
Type of hardware storage devices includes External HDDS, flash memory devices, floppy disks, optical storage devices, etc.Types of cloud storage includes object storage, file storage and block storage.
Factors that are needed to be considered while selecting hardware storage includes size, ease of use, performance, availability, security, etc.Factors that are needed to be considered while selecting cloud storage includes cost, backup, security, availability and durability, etc.
It is less flexible and accessible as compared to hardware.It is more flexible and accessible as compared to cloud storage.
Data is more secure as compared to cloud storage.Data is less secure as compared to hardware storage.
One can lose data or information if something went wrong and there is no backup.It automatically backup data or information and saves one from losing data.
One can control privacy, storage and access.One cannot control privacy, storage and access.

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