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Difference between Hardware and Firmware

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1. Hardware: Hardware is the computer’s part that is seen and touched by us. These are the physical parts of the computer. Which make up the body of our computer. like; Keyboard, mouse, cabinet, monitor, printer, etc. is all hardware. 

2. Firmware: Firmware is a type of software that is associated with your hardware, Firmware is software installed at the time of manufacturing any hardware, including hardware such as keyboards, hard drives, BIOS, graphic cards, and printers or moreover It comes embedded in any of your home appliances such as TVs, washing machines, etc. The firmware contains instruction programs to perform the basic functions of any hardware. 

Difference between Hardware and Firmware:

1.Invented in the year The history of computing hardware started in 1960s.Firmware is invented in the year 1967.
2.Basic DefinitionHardware is a physical entity.Firmware is a set of instructions.
3.Referenced AsHardware is referenced as the body of instruments or devices.Firmware is referenced as the heart of instruments or devices.
4.ProgramPrograms are required to run the hardware.It is the program itself.
5.OperateHardware cannot function without firmware.Firmware operates on hardware.
6.TypeHardware is a complete tool or device.While the firmware is saved in hardware.
7.ExistenceHumans can touch and perceive hardware because it is physically there. Firmware is virtually present and cannot be seen or touched by humans.
8.UpgradeWhen upgrading hardware, the complete portion is expected to be replaced with a more advanced and comparatively more expensive part.Firmware upgrades occur within the device itself and are both easier and less expensive.
9.DamageThe hardware can go through physical damage.While it can’t.
10.ReprogrammingA hardware may require reprogramming.While it never requires reprogramming except in some cases.
11.ModifyThe user can easily modify the hardware.While here, the user cannot easily modify.
12.ExamplesThe example of hardware are: Remote, Keyboard, mouse, speakers, etc.While the example of firmware are: BIOS, EPROM chips, etc.

Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2022
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