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Difference between Elasticsearch and SQLite

Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2020
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1. Elasticsearch :
It is a distributed search and analytics engine.It is open source and can be used for all types of data.It is implemented in Java programming language and supports all operating systems having java virtual machines (J.V.M).It is the main component of Elastic Stack, which is a open source application for data analysis and visualization. It has high scalability and the speed of performing a action is also high which makes it a easy and fast tool for data analysis, processing and visualization.

2. SQLite :
It is a relational database management system which is light weight in terms of setup, administration and resources required for proper functioning of the system.It is server less so it does not require server to run the command. SQLite is an open source library so it is free for private as well as commercial use. SQLite can do multitasking to do reads and writes at same time. It supports ACID properties which ensures reliable transaction processing.

Difference between Elasticsearch and SQLite :

S.NO. Elasticsearch SQLite
1. Elasticsearch is a search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene. SQLite is a relational database model.
2. It does not have foreign key concept. Foreign keys are present in SQLite.
3. It has no concept of transactions. It has concept of transactions satisfying ACID properties.
4. It was developed by ELASTIC in 2010. SQLite was developed in 2000 by Dwayne Richard Hipp.
5. It is schema free. Schema is present in SQLite.
6. It has ES-Hadoop connector type map reduce. It does not have map reduce concept.
7. It is implemented in java. It is implemented in C language.
8. It has Java API, RESTful HTTP/JSON API. It has ADO.NET, JDBC, ODBC.
9. It is considered better than SQLite in terms of ranking. It is considered less than Elasticsearch in terms of ranking.
10. It accepts all operating systems having JVM. SQLite is basically server less.

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