Difference between Elasticsearch and MS SQL

1. Elasticsearch :
Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analytics engine.It is open source and can be used for all types of data.It is implemented in Java programming language and supports all operating systems having java virtual machines (J.V.M).It is the main component of Elastic Stack, which is a open source application for data analysis and visualization. It has high scalability and the speed of performing a action is also high which makes it a easy and fast tool for data analysis, processing and visualization.

2. MS SQL :
MS SQL is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft in 1989. It is highly scalable and secure platform for data storage. It offers smart analytics features with high performance and security. The core component of MS SQL server is the SQL server database engine, which controls the data and its processing. It supports ACID properties and guarantee that transactions are processed reliably.

Difference between Elasticsearch and MS SQL :

S.NO. Elasticsearch MS SQL
1. Elasticsearch is a search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene. MS SQL is a relational database model.
2. The primary database model is a search engine. In MS SQL primary database model is a relational model.
3. It has no concept of transactions. It has concept of transactions satisfying ACID properties .
4. It was developed by ELASTIC in 2010. It was developed by Microsoft in 1989.
5. It supports all Operating systems with a Java virtual machine on them. It supports operating systems like LINUX and Windows.
6. It is a open source software. It is a commercial software.
7. It is implemented in java. It is implemented in C++.
8. In Elasticsearch partitioning is done by sharding. In MS SQL partitioning is done by horizontal partitions .
9. It is considered less than MS SQL in terms of ranking. It is considered better than Elasticsearch in terms of ranking.
10. It doesn’t use foreign keys. It uses foreign keys.

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