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Difference between Blu-ray and DVD

  • Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2020

Blu-ray could be a high definition storage device which might hold a bigger space for storing as compared to different optical storage devices. it had been principally devised to store high definition videos, and this wasn’t doable within the previous DVD technology. Blu-ray will store the large quantity of information as compared to different disk formats, and therefore the reason behind this can be the less gap between the information layer on the disk and therefore the optical device. 

It generates tighter focus, less distortion Associate in smaller pits (and tracks) as an outcome of putting the optical device nearer to the disk. the utmost space for storing of Blu-ray is twenty five GB on one facet. The Blu-ray name is originated by adding blue and optical “ray” and this as a result of it uses blue-violet optical device rather than a red optical device. because the blue laser’s wavelength is shorter, which helps for achieving the higher bit density. 

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DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disk provides another for the videotape utilized in tape recorder (Video container Recorder) and fixed storage utilized in computer because the videodisc will acquire seven times larger quantity of the info relative to CD. 

It renders videos with wonderful image quality and random access. A videodisc is constructed from a similar material because the CD however the method and therefore the layers area unit completely different, it’s used from each of the edges like 2 CDs area unit projected along. In DVD, RS-PC and EFMplus are used as the error correction codes. 

Let’s see that the difference b/w DVD and Blu-ray: 




1.The single layer size of Blu-ray is 25 GB.While the single layer size of DVD is 4.7 GB.
2.In Blu-ray, the recording or metal layer is situated closer to the reading mechanism’s objective lens.While in DVD, the recording or metal layer is situated in middle of disk.
3.There are double layers of pits in blu-ray.While there are also double layers of pits in DVD.
4.In blu-ray, there is 0.30 micrometer space between the spiral’s loops.While in DVD, there is 0.74 micrometer space between the spiral’s loops.
5.It holds the 0.15 micrometer space between the pits.While it holds the 0.4 micrometer space between the pits.
6.In blu-ray, picket code is used as the correction code.While In DVD, RS-PC and EFMplus are used as the error correction codes.
7.In Blu-ray, the wavelength of laser in 405 nm.While in DVD, the wavelength of laser is 650 nm.
8.In Blu-ray, the data transfer rate is 36 Mb/sec.While in DVD, the data transfer rate is 11 Mb/sec.
9.The double layer size of Blu-ray is 50 GB.While the double layer size of DVD is 8.5 GB.
10.The numeric aperture of blu-ray is 0.8.While the numeric aperture of DVD is 0.6.
11.The thickness of blu-ray is 1.1 mm.While the thickness of DVD is 0.6 mm.
12.It is used for storing large size data like shooting videos.It is used for storing small size data like movies after release.
13.The cost of Blu-ray disc is high in comparison to DVD.The cost of DVD is lower than Blu-ray disc.
14.The available video codecs of Blu-ray disc are MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and SMPTE VC-1.The available video codecs of DVD is MPEG-2.


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