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Difference between C.V.T and U.P.S

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  • Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2022
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1. Constant Voltage Transformer (C.V.T) : It is an instrument used to protect our electronic devices from voltage surges and spikes. It is a kind of magnetic transformer with a capacitor connected across the secondary winding of the transformer. 2. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) : It is used to supply power to devices for a fixed amount of time without stopping even when there is no incoming power supply. 
Difference between C.V.T and U.P.S :

Power FailureDoes not work in the case of power failure.Provides backup using power failure.
BatteryThere is no battery involved.The battery is involved for backup purposes.
Power surge and spikeProvides safety against power surge and spike.IT needs CVT installed inside it for protection.
Power Capacity500 W or 0.5 KVA.Few watts to hundred kilowatts.
Main UseMaintain stable voltage.Provide backup during a power failure.
Power PersistentIt is almost 8 milliseconds.Mostly 15-30 minutes.
ComponentsHigh-voltage resonant winding and a Capacitor.Rectifier, UPS Batteries, Inverter, Static Bypass Switch.
SizeSlightly smaller than UPS.Slightly larger than UPS.
PricingCheaper than UPS.Costlier than CVT.
NoiseCVT usually creates more noise.Creates less noise than CVT.
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