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Difference between Barcode and NFC

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1. Barcode : 
Bar code is a method of storing numerical data using lines and spaces. It is stored in a computer readable format that can be read by a Barcode Scanner using a lazer. It can be read both forward and backward. This technology is used in stores for keeping track of the purchased items. It is widely used in other sectors such as hospitals and postal and car rental businesses as well. 

Barcode that scans to GeeksforGeeks 

2. Near Field Communication (NFC) : 
NFC or Near Field Communication is a way of communicating between two devices that are kept in a close distance of upto 1.5 inches or 4 cm. This was developed in 2002 by Phillips and Sony. It is used for cashless payments, mobile payments, in identification cards, key cards etc. 

NFC on a speaker 

Difference between Barcode and NFC : 

1.It was developed in 1952.It was developed in 2002.
2.It was developed by Norman Joseph Woodland.It was developed by Franz Amtmann and Philippe Mangars.
3.It is of 2 types, 1 dimensional and 2 dimensional.It is only of 1 type.
4.It is a way of storing numbers in a printed and computer understandable format.It is a communication protocol for communication between devices (electronic) within a distance of 4cm.
5.It is used at stores for tracking all purchased items, in hospitals for tracking the records of patients, in rental cars business, and tracking of airline luggage, mails, and nuclear waste.It is used as identity cards, as key cards, and as a method of contactless payments and mobile payments in various sectors such as retail, automobile, cinema, etc.
6.It is based on Morse Code technology.It is based on inductive coupling between antennas of the devices.
7.It requires line of sight.It requires proximity (distance between the devices must be less than 4 centimeters, hence the name, Near field).
8.Only one barcode is examined at once.Only one NFC is examined at once.
9.Storage capacity is nearly 8 Kilo Bytes.Storage capacity is nearly 100 Bytes.


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Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2022
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