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Difference between Fastag and Barcode

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1. Fastag : 
Fastag is a technology developed in 2014 by the national payments corporation of India. It provides us a method of collection of Toll taxes on the national highways and several other roads and lanes. Fastag is used by the national Highway Authority of India. It is a tag or a pictorial representation that provides a hassle free payment of the toll tax. It is a very quick way of paying the tax and has now become very famous in India. 

Fastag option on Paytm application 


2. Barcode : 
Numbers can be stored in a pictorial format using barcodes which make use of lines and spaces. This concept was developed in 1952. Today, it is used for tracking parcels and nuclear wastes, tracking airlines luggage, billing in stores etc. The barcodes are scanned by barcode scanners to retrieve the numerical data. 

Barcode that scans to GeeksforGeeks 

Difference between Fastag and Barcode : 

S. No.FastagBarcode
1.It was developed in 2014.It was developed in 1952.
2.It was developed by National Payments Corporation of India.It was developed by Norman Joseph Woodland.
3.It is only of 1 type.It is of 2 types, 1 dimensional and 2 dimensional.
4.It is a method of collection of toll taxes, using the RFID technology.It is a way of storing numbers in a printed and computer understandable format.
5.It is used by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) for collection of toll taxes.It is used at stores for tracking all purchased items, in hospitals for tracking the records of patients, in rental cars business and tracking of airline luggage, mails and nuclear waste.
6.It is based on RFID technology.It is based on Morse Code technology.
7.It does not require line of sight.It requires line of sight.
8.It has greater data storage as compared to barcodes.It has lesser data storage as compared to Fastag.
9.It has memory storage.It does not have memory storage.
10.It is more resistant and durable as compared to barcodes.It is less resistant and durable as compared to Fastag.
11.Several Fastags can be examined at once.Only one barcode is examined at once.
12.Both Reading and writing can be done using Fastag.Only Reading is done using Barcode.
13.It is faster than barcode.It is slower in processing as compared to Fastag.
Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2021
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