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Difference between RFID and Barcode

Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2022
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1. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) : It is an acronym for “radio-frequency identification” and refers to science whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels are captured with aid of a reader by radio waves. In RFID data from a tag or label are captured via a gadget that stores data in a database. RFID, however, has quite a few benefits over systems that use barcode asset monitoring software. The most incredible is that RFID tag statistics can be examined outside line-of-sight. 

An RFID tag incorporates a sensor connected to an antenna that allows transmission of data to reader. Each sensor carries a unique identifier and an RFID reader that can concurrently scan a lot of tags. 

2. Barcode : Barcode is a type of code which is machine-readable i.e. a machine-code/machine language in structure of numbers and a pattern of parallel lines of various widths, printed on a commodity and used specifically for stock control. Barcoding makes use of a scanner with a beam of light to “read” black and white traces of a barcode. 

The scanner consists of a sensor that creates a signal from the mirrored or reflected light, and a decoder then interprets sign into textual content and sends it to a PC or database. Barcode scanners require line of sight and ought to “see” every barcode one at a time in order to seize data. 
Difference between RFID and Barcode :

Sr.No. RFID Barcode
1. In RFID Radio Frequency (RF) technology is used. In Barcode Optical (laser) technology is used.
2. It no longer requires Line of sight. It requires Line of sight because scanner must have an unobstructed view and must be oriented properly.
3. It has greater data storage as in contrast to barcodes. It has much less data storage up to solely 24 characters.
4. Memory storage is possible in RFID with assist of tags. Memory storage is not possible in barcodes.
5. It is more resistant or durable than a barcode. It is much less resistant than RFID.
6. Several RFID tags can be examined simultaneously i.e. multiple read is allowed in RFID. Only a single barcode can be scanned at a time i.e one card can be read at a time.
7. Read/write abilities using RFID tags. Barcode has totally reading capabilities and can’t write anything.
8. It processes faster than Barcode. It is slower than RFID.
9 Required power source  Power Source not Required 
10  Data can be updated in real time  Data is read only cannot be changed.
11 Can scan from the item for its meter depending. Required closure proximity for scanning.
12 Read time is less than 100 ms per tag. Read time is half a sec or more.
13 RFID can be used in Harsher environment. While in Barcode soiled labels are difficult to read.

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