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Difference between Fastag and NFC

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1. Fastag :
The Indian National Highway authority makes use of a unique way of collection of taxes using a fastag. This is a technology developed in 2014. It uses the RFID technology for quicker and easier transactions during the collection of toll taxes.

Fastag option on paytm application

2. Near Field Communication(NFC) :
NFC is a technology developed in 2002. It is also called Near Field Communication Technology. When 2 devices having internet and NFC technology are present in a close vicinity (4 cm), they can exchange data. This is based on inductive coupling between antennas of the devices.

NFC on a speaker

Difference between Fastag and NFC :

S.No. Fastag NFC
1. It was developed in 2014. It was developed in 2002.
2. It was developed by National Payments Corporation of India. It was developed by Franz Amtmann and Philippe Mangars.
3. It is only of 1 type. It is only of 1 type.
4. It is a method of collection of toll taxes, using the RFID technology. It is a communication protocol for communication between devices (electronic) within a distance of 4cm.
5. It is used by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) for collection of toll taxes. It is used as identity cards, as key cards and as a method of contactless payments and mobile payments in various sectors such as retail, automobile, cinema etc.
6. It is based on RFID technology. It is based on inductive coupling between antennas of the devices.
7. It does not require line of sight. It requires proximity (distance between the devices must be less than 4 centimetres, hence the name, Near field).
8. Several Fastags can be examined at once. Only one NFC is examined at once.
9. It has active, passive and semi passive tags. It has passive tags.
10. It provides unidirectional communication. It provides bidirectional communication.
11. It provides basic security. It provides medium security.
12. Sampling is not present in Fastag. Sampling is present in NFC.
13. It has frequency ranging between 125kHz to 960mHz (Low, high and ultrahigh). It operates on high frequency of 13.56mHz.
14. It has a range of 0.2m. It has a range of 100m.
15. Power Consumption is 424kbit/s. Its power consumption varies with frequency.
16. It has medium difficulty in setup. It is difficult to setup.
17. The cost is Low. The cost is High.
18. It has maximum coverage length of 10cm. It has maximum coverage length of 3m.

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Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2020
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