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DFD for Spell Checking and Correcting in Word Processor

Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2020
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Word processing simply means the process in which a document is created or edited using a word processor. Word processor is actually a software or a device with the help of which a document can be edited, created, or printed. Nowadays, a various word processor is available like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, Google Docs, etc. It’s generally responsible for providing input, editing, formatting, the output of a document, or text with some additional features. Spell check is a software program in word processing that first checks the spelling of a word, identifies if there is an error in spelling and if the word is found misspelled then this spell check program corrects the spelling in the word processor.

DFD (Data Flow Diagram) is used to describe this spell checking and correcting function in the word processor. It is usually explained with the help of different levels of DFD i.e., Level 0 DFD and Level 1 DFD. The working at these levels is shown below:

  • Level 0 DFD –
    At this level, the submitted document from the user is checked and if found any error then it’s corrected. The corrected document is ended back to the user.

  • Level 1 DFD –
    At this level, the submitted document from the user is broken down or divided into different words and then identifies and checks the spelling. If the word found is new then it is also added to the dictionary. And if the word found is not correct then the word is corrected first and the document is edited. After this, the edited document is submitted back to the user.

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