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Difference between Desktop publishing (DTP) and Word Processor Software

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2022
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1. Word processing Software :
Word processing software is a type of computer software application or an electronic device that has become very important in today’s generation. This software is running on general-purpose computers. So, word processing software is a kind of processor that provides the basic editing, input, formatting, and output of the text with some additional features. It is a kind of fully functioned desktop publishing program that helps in producing error-free documents.
It is used by business organizations, higher authorities and many others firms for creating documents in various types. Examples of Word Processing software are Microsoft Word, iWork Pages, LibreOffice Writer

2. Desktop publishing Software :
Desktop publishing software is a type of frame based software that helps in creating documents with the use of page layouts software on the personal computer. They are being used to create documents like newsletters, brochures, etc.
There are 2 main types of DTP:

  • Graphical Based- It is developed for editing and formatting graphic objects like pictures. For instance, Adobe Photoshop.
  • Layout Based- It is developed to create different page layout designs for pictures and text. For instance, Adobe PageMaker.

Difference between Desktop publishing (DTP) and Word Processor Software :

Word processing Software Desktop publishing Software
It is a kind of software that focuses on the line-by-line creation of text documents. It is a kind of software which allows the complex pages of the given text and graphics.
It Cannot handle more of the graphical elements into it as it has its own place. It generally Handles more graphical elements.
They were created to create the document. They were originally created to design printed documents.
These programs are running on general purpose computers. Desktop Publishing can be a solution for all sorts of projects.
Helps in changing the shape and style of the characters of the paragraphs. They are often used to produce physical media like publications such as books, newspapers, brochures, and magazines, etc.
In this you can also easily create columns as well as frames and pages. Text and graphics can also be easily imported from outside sources.
It does not give you complete control over the look and feel of your document. DTP ideal for creating newspapers and magazines.
It helps in storing and creating the typed documents in a new way. They are frame-based software.
It helps in Formatting text like bold, underlining, font type, etc. They are very easy to import.
It helps in Correcting grammar and spelling of sentences. It works in columns frames and pages.
It provides the various tools like copying, deleting and formatting, etc. It helps in converting your document into a professional one.
It is dynamic in nature for exchanging the data. It is dynamic in the only size.
It make it easier for you to perform repetitive tasks. It has an automatic restructuring.
It is Inexpensive. It is Very expensive.
Helps in detailed formatting and editing of your document. It helps in creating the documents in electronic content with the help of page layout software.


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