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Difference between Word Processor and Text Editor

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1. Word Processor :
Word Processor processes the words with pages and paragraphs. It is a processor that provides the basic editing, input, formatting, and output of the text with some additional features. It is a fully functioned desktop publishing program that produces error-free documents.

2. Text Editor :
It is a type of computer program which helps in editing plain text. The best example of this is Notepad. Text editor helps in or provides the ability to add, remove, and change the characters or words from the given file or document. It is a type of tool for working with plain text.

Whenever you are working on a document or any of the text and if you wish to do some kind of quick typing and quick changes so for this the text editors are the best. But if you want to do some detailed formatting or editing of your document then a word processor is best for that.

Difference between Word Processor and Text Editor :

Word ProcessorText Editor
It allows you to edit the text with multiple other functions like formatting of text.A text editor is used to writing and edits text.
It is a more extensive type of text editor.It is used to edit plain text files.
It helps in functioning the automatic grammar and spelling checks.In this, You can also cut, copy, paste, undo and redo your text.
It comes in with some predefined themes and templates into it which makes it easier.Text formatting is not available in this editor.
The famous word processors are WordPad, NotePad, AppleWorks, Microsoft.It includes CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and other languages.
It provides the ability to produce a new document with formatting fonts and paragraph flow.It does not provide any additional formatting information to the given document or text.
The text editor files are not being used as input.Many other programs or software allows text editor files to be used as a input.
Word processor helps the user to extensive control on the visual qualities of the document.Text editor provides the ability to add, change, and remove characters from a file.
Word processor has numbers of options onto which you can format the text or document.It helps or also provides the ability to move the lines.
It helps you in inserting various colors, line spacing, and special symbols, etc.It does not add any of the formatting codes, which makes it easier to compile your code.
Word processor acts normal as it does not highlight.It helps in highlighting the important text while writing off.
Word processor helps in saving the programmed files same as in text editor.The text editor is a standard feature on all operating systems.
It is difficult to compare between syntax and normal text.It helps the user to compare between syntax and normal text.
It provides detailed formatting and editing of the text.A text editor is a tool for working with plain text.
It helps in storing and creating the typed documents in a new way.They are used for programming purposes.


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Last Updated : 15 Sep, 2022
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