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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience | On-Campus FTE

Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2019
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Round 1: Online Coding Test

There were 3 coding questions (120 marks)

  1. Find the count of digits(0-9) and alphabets(A-Z & a-z) in the given String.(20 marks)
  2. It was on the array where for each element we need to find the difference between the number of elements lesser than the current element to it’s left and the number of elements greater than the current element to it’s right and return the maximum absolute difference after traversing the entire array. (50 marks)
  3. Given number n and k output the lexicographically smallest string of length n having the sum equal to k Eg: n=5 and k=42 Output S=aaamz. Here a=1, b=2, c=3, ….., z=26.
    Solution Link (50 marks)

Solve at least 2 questions for getting shortlisted.

Round 2: Technical Round

Tell me about yourself. Internship project discussion in detail. He asked me to write code for deadlock. I used a binary semaphore to explain it and then asked me to write a code for how to prevent deadlock for the same example. Asked me about the interface, abstract class and oops concepts. Asked me a puzzle and asked me about the projects in my resume. HashMap internal working- Puzzle where 10 balls are given and one is defective find minimum number of comparison using the weighing balance. At last, I asked him about work culture at Deutsche Bank. Always ask a question at the end.

Round 3: Technical Round

Tell me about yourself. She asked me in detail about DBMS normalization all normal forms till BCNF with example. Lot of SQL queries like find second max salary from the table and asked me to give two different queries for the same. Questions on groupby, aggregate functions, were having and how they are used. DBMS Normalization and SQL is must. Design Tic-Tac-Toe game. Asked me about Linked list insertion, deletion, arrays, sorting algorithms, best among them (Merge sort) and explain merge sort with example. The time complexity of it. Binary tree, BST, AVL tree, definition with an example, Time complexity of search in all three. Asked an easy coding question on HashMap and at last, I asked for work culture at the bank.

Round 4: Pro fit/Managerial Round

Tell me about yourself. Hobbies, which games I play(PUBG), TV series I watched, why you left internship company, few situational questions about the team, why Deutsche Bank, Further studies plan, I said no and he asked me why? give proper explanation for this question. What would you choose between corporate and startup?, What is the biggest challenge in life you have faced? and discussion about work at the Bank.

Round 5:HR Round

Tell me about yourself. About family background, where were you born, what type of teammates you prefer, what was the biggest challenge you faced, how you overcome rejections from different companies, have you ever been out from your home town for studies or internship, Any questions for me and I asked her about work culture and any improvements/suggestions that I should make. Always ask questions at the end of the interview.

Thanks to GeeksforGeeks team for putting such good content on the website. I would advise going through problems on website as it improves thinking and approach. It helped me a lot in everything be it subjects, coding problems or practicing the questions.


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