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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus)

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Deutsche Bank held an on-campus recruitment drive in my college for the position of Analyst intern (2 months) in August 2021.Eligibility Criteria: CPI>=7.0, 10th >= 70%, 12th >= 70%

There were overall 3 online rounds conducted:

  1. Online Coding Test.
  2. Technical Round.
  3. Technical Round

Round 1: Online Coding Test

Time: 120 mins

There was a total of 12 questions.

  • 1-10 was MCQ based on DSA, Java, SQL, and C++.
  • Given two arrays A and F of given length N, Ai represents the length of the ith stick and Fi represents the quantity of ith stick present. Every stick can be used as length or breadth but only once. Construct rectangles using these sticks and find the maximum sum of all the perimeters of rectangles (Medium Greedy, Maths)
  • Given a number and an array of numbers. Find the difference of two numbers from the array closest to the given number. (Medium Sorting, Two pointers)

7 students were selected for the next round

Round 2: Technical Round

Time: 60 mins

This round was held on Skype, Interviewer was of friendly nature and started with his introduction

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What is competitive programming?
  3. Print Star Pattern
  4. Sort an array in descending order
  5. Sorting algorithms
  6. Difference between SQL and MongoDB
  7. What are Primary Key and Super Key?
  8. What are Class and Object?
  9. Polymorphism and its types
  10. Inheritance and Virtual Function
  11. Deadlock, necessary condition and how to prevent deadlock
  12. Virtual Memory
  13. Pegging, Segmentation
  14. Discussion on Project
  15. Any questions you would like to ask?

4 students were selected for the next round and finally, 3 of them were selected


  1. Communication skills and good knowledge of RDBMS, OS, and OOPs will be beneficial
  2. DSA has less weightage in Technical Rounds
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Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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