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Deloitte BTA (Consultancy) Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 Virtual

Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2020
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Deloitte USI visited our campus(PES) to hire for three roles of Analyst-Risk and Financial Advisory, Analyst-Consultancy, Enabling Areas & Global(This is more for technical). CGPA cut off was 6.5 . More than 1000 students applied.

Round 1: This was conducted on the AMCAT platform. The test was of roughly  95 minutes . There were 3 sections and each section had to be solved in a particular timed slot. There was no facility to switch between sections, and they had to be attempted in order and once you attempt the question you can’t go back to that question as well. The sectional allocation was as follows:

1) Verbal Reasoning  (25 question 25 minutes) :- This was an easy section,just keep an eye on timer because timer and make sure you dont miss to attempt any question.

2) Logical Reasoning (25 question 35 minutes) :-It’s easy but Be careful with this section. There would be one question and on that there would 3-5 questions but if you attempt the question you cant move backward to correct it.So if you find a question lengthy requiring you to make sequence of some sentences then you could expect 3-5 questions from it.    

3) Quantitative Aptitude(25 question 35 minutes):- This was the easiest round 

After round 1, nearly 126(Consultancy),  37(Risk Advisory), 58(in E and A) Selected for next round.

For Consultancy, 2nd Round was JAM and 3rd Round was Personal Interview.

For other Two roles, there were two round of Interviews.

I had applied for Consultancy So Second Round for me was JAM(Just a Minute).


We had around  11 students in each panel with a panelist. The panelist will select candidate based on list shared and we have to choose a number between 1 to 40.

I chose 26 and I got the topic ‘Data Driven Marketing’.So in Jam you have 2 minute time, one minute to think, one minute to speak. 10 seconds before panelist will tell you Timecheck and make sure you do not cross the time.

Some other topics were:- Usage of 3-D printing in solving real-world problems

Uses of IOT

Online OTT platforms vs. TV

Recommendations of e-commerce platforms

After JAM, around 3-4 were selected from each panel for final round. I was one them.

3) Third Round was Personal Interview.

It was one on one interview. The interviewer had an experience of more than 10 years of experience.

It started with Introduce yourself, then question-related to my projects then he asked me questions related to skills. 

C++ : He asked me about Polymorphism and OOPS concepts, 

Python: He asked if you know Scripting but I stated him I know Python related to Data Analytics and I have not done Scripting.

Web projects: He asked me question related to RDBMS, inner join,outer join etc. 

   Then he asked me questions related to my extra curricular which was very good based on fact I have been in IEEE as well as AIESEC. At last he asked me if I had any    questions for him, So I Asked him from how long He is working for Deloitte and What is best part of about Deloitte , So he told me he like mentoring and positive  atmosphere in Deloitte.

 50 students were selected. I was not selected but it was great experience for me.I hope there would be some feedback mechanism so that we could know about our mistake. From my side I feel, the role was Analyst-Consultancy and I spoke about Competitive Coding, Computer Vision Machine-Learning and Web Project, so in-spite of working in IEEE and AIESEC , It made me look too technical which made me less suitable for team.So speak according to the role, the company has come for. 

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