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Daffodils Interview Experience for Software Developer | On-Campus 2022

Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2021
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Daffodil visited our campus for the post of software developer. The detailed description of the interview is as follows

The whole process consists of :

  • 2 Machine test(HackerEarth)
  • 2 Technical interviews
  • 1 HR round

1st Machine test: This round consists of 3 coding questions in 60 mins  

  1. Unsorted linked list to Binary search Tree
  2. Matrix question get max sum by adding 1s
  3. Get 10th element after adding all sorted substrings of a given string.

Whoever solved 2 or more questions get selected for a direct interview and those who only solved 1 question got another chance as 2nd machine test

2nd Machine test: only for those who solved 1 question this round has a time limit of 45 mins and has 2 questions only

  1. Delete duplicate nodes from a given linked list
  2. Find max no of triangles that can be made from the given array

I solved both the questions and got selected for the interview round

Round 1: Technical interview 1 

  • Introduction
  • Pattern
  • Rotate array
  • Database
  • Joins
  • SQL queries
  • Class
  • Polymorphism
  • Projects
  • Data structure and need of data structure

Round 2: Technical interview 2

  • Projects in-depth explanation,
  • Data structure
  • 4 pillars of object-oriented programing skils
  • triggers
  • Procedure
  • Check anagram
  • 3l,5l containers you have to measure 4l
  • Data encapsulation  vs data abstraction

After 4-5 mins I got a call from Hr that I have hr round after 5 minutes

Hr Round : 

Simple introductions, bond-related queries, offer letter discussion

At last, I was selected 

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