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CSS | :visited Selector

  • Last Updated : 19 Dec, 2018

The :visited selector in CSS is used to select the visited links. For example, visit some link on website and again see it, then it will find changed color of that link. This change in color is done by :visited selector.
The allowed CSS property of :visited selectors are listed below:

  • color
  • border-color
  • background-color
  • outline color
  • column-rule-color
  • fill-color and stroke


:visited {
    // CSS Properties


<!-- HTML code to illustrate :visited selectors -->
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>:visited selector</title>
            /* visited CSS property */
            a:visited {
                color: green;
    <body style = "text-align:center">
            :visited Selector
            Click on the link
            Visit Geeks: 
            <a href = ""
            target = "_blank"></a>


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