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CropIn Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 09 Jan, 2022

Hello everyone, CropIn visited our campus in August 2021 for full-time roles for the 2022 graduating batch.

The entire process was concise, well-structured, and was conducted within 3 days. All the interviewers were very humble and well behaved.

ROUND 1(ONLINE TEST – 75 mins):

  • 30 MCQS: Based on OS, CN, and aptitude.
  • 2 Coding questions:  One was Easy and the other was Medium. I was able to solve both of them.

ROUND 2(Technical Interview – 1 Hour): There was 1 interviewer, he introduced himself and then asked me to introduce myself.

ROUND 3(Managerial Interview – 1 Hour): The interviewer was very friendly, smooth and humble.  

  • He asked me about my hobbies, What I like to do except coding. (He asked it multiple times)
  • My beliefs, my understanding of some words.
  • Any Questions?

Final Verdict: PLACED 


  • Be prepared to write code and try to use a whiteboard to explain the code better. This helps in clearly delivering your thoughts.
  • Stay Calm and keep a soft smile. The interviewers are gonna be friendly.
  • Be Real
  • Be prepared for surprise questions.
  • Prepare basic computer fundamentals well like OS, DBMS, CN.
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