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Cognizant Interview Experience (Off-Campus)

Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2020
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My interview experience for getting selected in a top MNC Cognizant was just like any other IT sector interview. The whole journey started from being in a tier III engineering college. The main disadvantage of being in a tier-three college is the lack of exposure you get but breaking that barrier is very important if you need to get something more significant sand powerful I too faced the same problem any student from a Tier III college would face. No company would ever visit our college for placements but still, I kept dwelling myself on exploring and learning until one day I got a mail from AMCAT that cognizant is hiring. I have heard a lot about cognizant from my seniors about the same 

So once I got a knock of the opportunity which required an online aptitude test which included basic level quantitative an English and some Auto meta fix questions which was basic questions on finding errors and fixing them in code the whole test was monitored online with my camera on through which they check for any malpractice in the exam. I completed the test and coding within the given time then 4 days later I got a mail that I selected for the interview round. I knew I was going to crack it. Then I started buckling up for the interview which was two rounds

Technical Round: The technical round started with questions from my resume about your hobbies and your projects which I thoroughly answered well one by one then I was asked questions about Data structure and algorithms and few basic coding questions like String palindrome and Fibonacci. I totally satisfied with the interview with all my answerers  Then the result was announced after 10 minutes They announced the name of the students selected further for the HR round. 

HR Round: I was very happy to hear my name in the announcement. Then we were escorted to a second room where HR rounds were being conducted. My HR round started with my knowledge about the company name of the CEO and interesting questions about my likes and dislikes about food They also asked e about my home states and some facts related o my home state. In the end, they told me that you would hear from us in a week and exactly after 7 days. I received my confirmation and offer letter. My experience has taught me to never give up and keep working towards your goal as someday you will surely set your dream come true

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