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Cognizant Off-Campus Drive Experience

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Round 1:It was an all India online test, we had to give our online test by sitting in front of a computer having a webcam.I was able to do all questions .Coding section had error finding and solving with 2 programs to write, it was a total of 7 questions in 25 minutes. I was able to do all error detection and solving and left the coding questions.Rest of questions from logical and verbal were of medium level difficulty, one with good practice can easily do the questions. Quants section was bit tricky, but i managed to do them.

Round 2:After i gave my written test, after a week or so, a mail came that i have been qualified in the written round and now eligible for technical and HR interview to be conducted in kiit, bbsr. One needs to clear the basics and fundamental knowledge on either of the languages i.e C or java or Python. Recruiters give you the choice for the language you want and they ask you questions based on that, i was asked on,

  1. C coding and basic fundamentals on C.
  2. OOPS concept.
  3. DBMS( all basics and fundamental terms and concepts needs to be covered here).

Thankfully i got qualified in the Technical Round and got selected for the HR round.Here not only candidates knowledge on the topic is tested but also how he/she is interpreting it and the communication part is also tested.

Round 3: HR Round was  a real fun for me and i enjoyed a lot in the HR round. HR ma’am was really very sweet and she first comforted me .She asked How was my day and did i had my lunch or not?? as it was really late in the evening.Then i was asked to tell something about myself and i told all my details perfectly.Then she asked if i was comfortable for any relocation or not??, I told i had no problem in relocation.She then asked to tell something about Cognizant?.I had done my research on Cognizant so i was able to tell her perfectly.Then i was asked to sign on a paper that i was ready for relocation and ready to work on any technology that the organization wants me to.Then she told, thanks Subh for your time.I replied thank you ma’am.

It was so amazing to talk to a HR.All in all i was satisfied with my performance.

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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