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Codenation Interview Experience | Set 3 (Off-Campus for SDE)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 18 Jun, 2016

I applied for CodeNation off campus.

Round 1:

It was an online programming round. It had 4 questions which were of Competitive programming nature. The 4 questions were of following difficulty: Cakewalk, Easy, Medium, and Medium. The round duration was 1 hour 15 mins. One can clear this round only if he has good experience in Competitive programming. The questions were of following paradigms: AdHoc, Combinatorics, Dynamic programming, Segment tree. I was able to solve 3.5 questions. There was partial points.

Round 2:

It was a skype interview round. It was a debugging round which had only one debugging question. Its duration is 30 mins.

Round 3:

It was a skype interview round of duration 1 hour. I was asked 2 data structure and algorithmic questions.


Round 4:

It was a skype interview round of duration 1 hour. In this round the interviewer asked my about the projects which I have done for which I didn’t have answer! This dragged the interview as he was surprised. Later he asked me the following question alone:


It was an awesome experience. I learned from my mistakes! Thank you geeksforgeeks.

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