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Codenation Interview Experience | Set 4 (Off-Campus for Internship)

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I recently applied for the position of an intern as a software developer. Here is my interview experience in brief: The whole interview was classified into 4 rounds.

Round 0: It was an online contest hosted on Hackerrank(90 mins). There were 3 questions, one was string based(medium), the second was a dynamic programming(easy), and third was a dynamic programming(medium hard). Doing one problem was enough, though it depends on the actual rank list and not the number of problems you solve. This was followed by a debug round, a question on binary exponentiation. We just had to correct the code and submit within 15 mins.

Round 1: This was a GoToMeeting interview. The interview was all about your resume. The interviewer asked about the projects in detail for about 30 mins and then in general everything about your experience with past internships and stuff.

Round 2: This was an online coding round. I was given a question on binary trees, had to find the maximum sum path in the tree and code it up within 40 mins. The interviewer expects you to go step by step in this round, that is first you give a brute force solution and then progressively try to decrease the time complexity until the interviewer is satisfied. (Tip: Don’t jump to the answer directly even if you know the answer beforehand. They are not interested in the fact that you know a problem but they test your approach to a new problem.)This was followed by a general discussion about the resume again.

Round 3: This was a problem design round, basically to check how you go about solving a problem and how much of your computer science concepts are clear. Firstly, the interviewer presented a problem about recommendations made on an online e-commerce website. I had to suggest how all this could have been done. Another question was to design a bot that wished your facebook friends automatically. Another question was about distributed systems, he posted a query which needed to be parallelized, and you had to discuss all the aspects of it. Basically what the interviewer was looking for was that you understand your solution inside out and know about all of its shortcomings that may occur and then he would ask you to somehow solve these shortcomings. (duration:1hr)

This was all about it. It was a great experience interviewing with Codenation. Note that interviewing opportunity can only be obtained by participating in the Codeagon contest conducted by Codenation. I think you need to be in the top 100 or so for getting to interview. This first process may vary a little depending on a lot of things. So keep your eye on their facebook page for the update. About all the perks and the compensation, I feel that Codenation is transparent enough and has all the details mentioned on their website.

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Last Updated : 14 May, 2017
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