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Cloudera Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus 2021)

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Cloudera came to our Campus in October 2021. A total of 90 students were allowed to give Online tests. There were in total 4 rounds.

Round 1: Online coding test, Duration 100mins (Medium)

  • It consisted of 4 questions.
  • The 1st question was a pretty standard problem. (Don’t remember)
  • The 2nd question involved subtracting 2 numbers represented as vectors. 


Input: num1=[1,0,0] num2=[1] 
  • The 3rd question was to calculate the minimum cost to make the left and right subtree values equal.
  • The 4th question was a medium-level SQL query, which involved using correlated query concepts.
  • 4 students were shortlisted for the interviews from around 90 students at the end of 1st round.

Round 2: Tech interview (45 mins)

  • There was 1 interviewer in this round, the round started with introductions.
  • And then we directly jumped to the coding question, which was to be solved live on the debunk platform link.
  • The question:
  • We discussed the time and space complexities of my approach.
  • This was followed by no. of questions on operating systems mainly process scheduling.
  • Then he gave me to write a SQL query (Easy)
  • In the end, he asked me if I have some questions for him, this is the best moment when you can get to know about the ambition of the company from the employees themselves.
  • (All the rounds were eliminatory) 

Round 3: Tech interview (45 mins)

  • There was 1 senior interviewer in this round. 
  • We started by having a long discussion about my projects in Machine learning.  He gave me situations and asked me how will I use machine learning to solve them. 
  • Then he asked a lot of questions on Operating systems, DBMS and asked application-based questions on process scheduling algorithms.
  • Then was followed by a number of SQL queries which were of medium level. I was asked to run them on the debunk platform and show the output.
  • Then he gave me a puzzle question:
  • In the end, I asked him some questions regarding the company.

Round 4: Hiring Manager Round (1 hour)

  • This round was more or less a technical round only. 
  • It started with discussing my college. Then he asked questions regarding the technologies/skills I had mentioned in my resume like python (different python libraries like NumPy, pandas), git commands ( git ls-remote ), etc.
  • He then asked me to write code for simple programs in python. Followed by this he gave me a coding question.
  • In the end, he asked about my experience in all the 3 interviews and then I asked him a question about the company.
  • 2 students were selected for internship (Jan 2021) followed by full-time roles. And I was one of them.
  • All the interviewers were very friendly. Ask clarifying questions and do not assume anything on your own. Even if your code doesn’t give correct output in one go, don’t give up and debug your code, Only writing the code is not enough, explaining it to the interviewer in a very clear way, dry run, and covering all the edge cases also matters.

All the Best!! 

Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2021
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