Climber Interview Experience for Operation Executive | On-Campus 2021

My Captain by The Climber is an online platform that helps the students to take the first step in their field of passion with the help of young achievers, mentors, and guides.  

There were three rounds including the interview for this role and the eligibility criteria were 60% throughout

Round 1: Round 1 was just to register for the drive 

Round 2: Round 2 was to give an interview on hireflix. Hireflix is a platform where interview questions are pre-recorded and students’ answers are uploaded on the cloud.

Round 3: Here comes the interesting and the tricky part, where all the programming skills left behind and business skills come into existence.

It was basically HR Round but at the same time, the Interviewer was checking my capabilities that whether I would be suited for this role or not.

He asked me some basic questions, and that was:

Q1: Introduce Yourself?

Before introducing yourself keep in mind that everything that you are going to say, the interviewer will ask the next question on that basis.

Q2: You are from a programming background, why are you applying for this role?

Never tell him that you need this job etc. Tell him your achievements(if any) in this role or why are you interested in this role.

Be always prepared for this type of question if you are applying for any operation executive role or business development role. 

Q3: How would you introduce My Captain program in an area where students are not aware of online education?

Q4: Tell me your plans to expand My Captain Program?

Q5: I think you are suited for this job, How would you improve yourself?

Every question would be from a business development perspective and you need to prepare for that.

Just follow some simple rule:

  1. Go through KYC (Know Your Company)
  2. Read the latest news about company
  3. Prepare HR round questions
  4. Go through your CV.

You are ready for the drive.

All the best!.

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