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Aon Hewitt Interview Experience for HR Admin Executive (Facility) Full Time

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Ah! This is a question that reminds me of moments I live in a day. !!
I will share my first interview. The selection procedure for this role in 4 rounds:

1. Intro – 15 mins: It’s a great start, but I forget my anniversary. (Nervousness)

Tip: Don’t panic. relax, and have a glass of water.

2. Round 2: Skills test ( Computer Round )- 30 mins: That interviewer drilled me for nearly 30 mins. The questions were from Economics (Finance), Management, HR, and MS Office ( Excel & PowerPoint concepts). He asked me to work on an excel sheet. He just locked the keyboard and left the room. I was Banging my head ‘ why the hell it is not working? ‘
After 10 min he entered the room with a vicious smile. I was so nervous ‘ could not think, it can be locked’. Simply, I did it.
That was an awesome experience. Still, now, I didn’t experience anything this much.

3. Managerial Round: Basic questions about team management and team conflict. What problems you can face in doing daily tasks and managing wisely too? He gave me instants which can arise during working in a team and asked what will you do in them. Some discussions over work profile and responsibilities.

4. Aptitude Round: Promoted to Round 4: That interviewer gave a scenario ( Basically it was all about team management). They put it on board and provide a sketch pen to solve it. I figured out the solution. And they told, “You can leave for the day Nidhi”.

Tip: Always have a problem problem-solving attitude it matters most.

After 2 hours on the same day, the happiness that has risen in the rain, I just can’t tell you “I was on the seventh sky” when I heard- welcome onboard Nidhi. Your joining date is Friday- 25th April 2013.

” Preparation is the key! Because anything you speaks need structure. And the next most important thing is Honesty. Rest will follow. It’s great now interviews are not scary, most of the time just one-to-one conversations.

Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2022
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