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Citrix Interview | Set 2

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Written Round:

The written round (conducted on Hackerearth) consisted of two sections:

  1. First section consisted of 50 MCQs to be attempted in 1 hours. The question wise division was:
    • 5-6 Questions were of General Aptitude.
    • 8-10 Questions based on C output.
    • 4-5 Questions on C++ output
    • Around 10 questions from networking
    • Around 10 questions from operating systems.
    • Other questions on different genres of Computer Science.
  2. This section consisted of 2 programming questions to be solved in 1 hour. The code was run on Hackerearth.
    1. An easy question. Given a car consumes different amount of fuel per hour running on different speed. Speed and Fuel consumed were given as arrays. Also, given that the total amount of fuel we had initially. Find the maximum distance a car can travel given that it has to travel with constant speed.
    2. Given an integer x. You have to find a minimum base b such that (x)bis a palindrome. Eg: (5)2 is a palindrome i.e. 5 in base 2 101 is a palindrome. Brute force solution passed.

After the written round, I was shortlisted for the Interviews.

Interview Round 1 (Duration 1hr 15 mins)

The interviewer started with a general question “Tell me about yourself”. I explained. He directly came about discussing about the projects and ask me to tell every minute detail of my project. This continued for about 30 minutes which consisted of a series of cross questioning. He was mainly concerned about the problems I faced during the project and what was the solution I came up with.

He then asked me about my areas of interest. Then he started asking some Data Structure questions. Given an sorted array which is rotated by k times, find an element in minimum time complexity.

Implement 3 stacks within an array given.

Explain everything about inheritance in C++.

Can we return value from constructor? If no, then if there is some error while initialising a new object then how can we possibly know it.

Explain virtual mechanism in C++.

Questions based on networking. How TCP works, when do you use UDP, flags in TCP header and few other questions.

OS questions.. What are Semaphores? Where are they stored? How do we prevent threads to enter in a critical section and other basic OS questions.

Interview Round 2 (Duration 1hr 45 minutes)

A general discussion on my internship project.

DS: Given a link list, find kth element from the end. Given a class stack which have functions push and pop implemented in O(1). You have to implement a function min such that it tells the minimum of elements till now.

Real time examples of Queue and Stack.

Search in rotated array(question repeated from prev round).

Questions related to BST and Heap data structure.

Given an array, containing 0s and 1s. Sort it in min time and space.

Check if a given binary tree is a BST.

Mechanism of function overloading. Can we overload on return type?

A few puzzles: 2 candles which burn in 1 hr have to measure 45 minutes.

Heavy box puzzle.

After this round, I was called inside where the company people were sitting and there they asked me about my preferred profile as Citrix offer 2 profiles for Software Engineer.

(This gave a positive feeling).

Interview Round 3(Duration 1 hr 30 minutes)

This round was a mixture of Technical Questions and HR. Introduce yourself. The interviewer was very friendly and asked me very tricky “HR” questions. When I answered all those and not got trapped..he said you have come prepared 😛 He then came to Networking.

Tell me every minute detail of what happens when we open He wanted a layer by layer approach. After complete explanation, he was satisfied.

Asked everything about TCP.

Routing protocols which I knew.

What is ARP?

Why do we need MAC and IP both?

DS Questions: Maximum sum sub array. Implement strstr.

He then asked analytical questions.

Tell me how many cycles are there in India?

How can you measure the height of Mt. Everest? He seemed pleased with my answers :D.

After a few more questions, this round was over.

Interview Round 4(Duration 30 minutes)

This was HR round. First the HR asked me how good I am in team. Prove it. 2-3 questions like that.

He eventually shifted from asking questions from me to telling me about the company, work there and explained about the profile, the responsibilities I will get. This continued for 20-25 minutes and this round was over.

Interview Round 5(Duration 10 minutes)

This round was a formality. The main HR manager asked me 1-2 questions. Why Citrix? Goals? What about further studies? Strengths?Etc.etc.

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Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2014
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